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Fuck Your Religion – Part 2

Yet another case of bakers refusing to cater to gays has surfaced because some uptight asshole refused to write something gay on a cake. This is the whole problem with religion. People refuse to keep their beliefs and prayers to … Continue reading

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Fuck Political Correctness

Fuck Walmart, Amazon, eBay, South Carolina, and anyone else who gave in to this anti-freedom hate campaign against the Confederate flag. I don’t care what color you are, if your great great granddaddy fought for the north or south, or … Continue reading

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Fuck Your Religion

Fuck Patrick Stewart too, for that matter. This article is what has me riled today. Look at this bullshit. More religious assholes thinking they can do whatever the hell they want because of their beliefs. You have a right to … Continue reading

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Fuck Religion

I felt it appropriate to bitch about this on Halloween after reading another blog about how there are actually jesus freaks against Halloween. Religious people are such fucking idiots I hardly know where to begin though. You’d think the human … Continue reading

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