Fuck Politicians

Lots of shit going on in Virginia this week. Fuck Charlottesville. Stupid politician motherfuckers don’t know how to leave shit alone. They had no reason to fuck with historical monuments. The Democrackheads constantly pull this censorship shit to avoid offending one group while offending the rest who either could give a fuck less or actually want the shit displayed. They keep trying to gut the 2nd amendment and take climate change entirely too seriously. The Republicunts refuse to accept that laws are supposed to be based on logic and reason, as well as applying to everyone equally, regardless of their bullshit beliefs. We should be able to remove/sue/jail every one of these assholes who keeps writing and passing unconstitutional, anti-freedom laws in the name of their fucking deity.

How many times does the supreme court have to strike down their attempts to ban abortion and shit before we start to actually penalize them for wasting tax dollars and abusing the power of their fucking office? How long must we tolerate Sunday restrictions in this country when everyone knows full well they only exist because of xtian assholes trying to force their religion on everyone else? How long must we suffer this broken 2 party system where one side tries to disarm the law abiding and the other side tries to impose biblical law, gives all the tax breaks to the rich, helps the oil companies fuck up the environment, and bails out corporations?

How long will people keep being sheep and voting down party lines? How long will people keep allowing more pointless fucking laws that restrict freedom under the guise of protecting people from themselves and essentially allowing mob rule over personal freedom. Every law restricting purchases (alcohol, cigs, handguns) or activities (gambling) to age 21 is fucking bullshit. People are mature enough to be drafted or choose to join the military at 18 and go fucking kill people, but they’re somehow NOT mature enough to buy beer or stick a quarter in a goddamn slot machine? It’s ridiculous. Either we’re adults at 18 or we’re not. If we can be prosecuted as adults at 18, we have every fucking right to buy alcohol, gamble, etc.

Property owners have no fuckin rights whatsoever anymore either, but nobody has the balls to push back. Home Owners’ Associations can go fuck themselves. People in the city let everyone walk all over them. Property owners should be able to do as they choose with their fucking land. That includes making changes/improvements to their homes without paying for inspections/permits. That also includes letting their fucking grass grow as tall as they want, NOT shoveling snow, etc. Hell, it could be argued that forcing people to shovel the sidewalk in front of their house is slavery. Think about it. Do the task the city demands done or be penalized. That’s slavery. You don’t even own the fuckin sidewalk in spite of it being on your property. Do you have the right to tear our the sidewalk entirely? No? So why is it your job to shovel the son of a bitch after the city’s plow trucks dump everything from the street onto it? Think it over, and grow some balls.

Business owners have no rights either, in spite of the religious fuckwits who argue they should be able to turn away customers whose lifestyles they disagree with and gun phobic fuckwits who think it’s alright to ban perfectly legal weapons from their shops. I’m so tired of this fucking private property argument. When you open it to the public, it’s not “private” anymore. Businesses are subject to every other regulation, law, etc but somehow the 2nd amendment doesn’t apply to them? Bullshit. They can’t discriminate based on color, etc because of those laws. The cops are somehow able to enforce fines if you park in handicap spaces on PRIVATE property owned by these businesses. A restaurant owner can’t even decide whether or not to allow smoking in their building anymore. Yet, businesses are allowed to completely disregard the 1st and 2nd amendments as they see fit, banning gun owners, people with “profanity” on their shirts, etc. and nobody has the balls to really challenge this bullshit? You can’t have it both ways. Either a business is considered a public place and subject to ALL laws of the land, OR it’s private property and NOT subject to any government oversight. WHICH IS IT? These fucking double standards are getting old.

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