Fuck Student Loans

It’s interesting. People bitch about welfare, food stamps, etc. but nobody seems to want an end to the bullshit student loans the government is forever handing out. Many of those will never be paid back. The interest is ridiculous, but people keep signing up for the shit. The government’s obligation to education should end at High School. Why the fuck are we paying for these idiots to get Liberal Arts degrees and shit? Think about. Really think about it. What would happen if all those student loan programs were cut off and people had to pay for college themselves or not go? Half the colleges in the country would shutdown because nobody could afford their shit. Look at all the useless fucking classes people are required to take to get a degree in a specific field to attempt to get a job in that field. Not to mention the $100 textbooks for each class, because the asshole professors don’t care what it costs you. Fuck all these motherfuckers. The education system in this country is fucking bullshit. People should just get trained for the profession they want to get into. You don’t need to take all this extra shit, and you damn well shouldn’t have to pay for it. We brainwash our youth and teach them to take tests. That’s it. That’s all school is about. You memorize shit, regurgitate it for a test, then forget half of it. We’re a society of test takers. Fucking sheep! Even classes for a major in college teach and test on irrelevant shit. You do NOT need to know shit about the AT&T monopoly to do a networking job wiring computers and setting up software, but we were expected to know it for a Networking test. Fuck that professor and fuck Penn State. That was when I quit in 2001.

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