Fuck Mexico

Lots of online gamers complain about lag, and it’s pretty obvious that lag gets noticeably worse when playing with people outside your country for various reasons. We all know that Mexico has shitty internet, but somehow saying that on the gaming forums is considered racist by a few uptight people. A UK player also bitched about people from Spain and Germany causes game issues on their side of the pond as well. I don’t give a fuck what color they are. Their internet fucking sucks, and I don’t want to be matched with them! Hear that Xbox? You stupid motherfuckers! Give us an option to only play with people in our own country for best connection.

Fuck. I’d look for a Mexican girl to marry if the country wasn’t so absurdly religious. I certainly wouldn’t mind a foreign bride. Problem is most countries with lots of women wanting to come to America are countries you don’t want to fucking visit, and US Immigration more or less requires you to nowadays. Fuckers.

p.s. I don’t really give a shit if the orange man builds a wall to keep the brown people out or not. Personally, I think we should just take over Mexico, run out the cartels once and for all, and put a wall on the southern border. That’s a lot less fucking wall to build.

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