Fuck the Anthem

See. This is why people piss me off (and why I piss people off). I keep seeing these dumbass articles all over Facebook about athletes not standing for the national anthem. Half the idiots think the athletes should be fired, deported, or killed, and the other half defend the athlete’s freedom to do whatever the fuck they want. Me? I question why the fuck they play the goddamn thing in the first place? Is this an official government event? Are we about to start the Hunger Games or something? Fuck off. “Oh, it’s patriotic.” Yeah, playing the anthem for these assholes making 20 million a year while half the country is in debt/poverty and veterans are on the streets/starving is real fucking patriotic. Paying these idiots 20+ million a year is one of the biggest wastes of money there is to begin with. Skip the song, and let them get on with it. People don’t pay good money to watch these assholes stand around anyway.

I also question why they need celebrities to sing the fucking thing and make it sound horrific with ridiculous high notes. Does anyone seriously want to hear that shit sung that way? Fuck right off, please.

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