Fuck DirectX 12

Why aren’t more people complaining about this requiring Windows 10 to play certain games bullshit? We’ve seen it before, and it was fucking garbage last time. I gave up on PC gaming around the time Halo 2 released on PC. This was partly due to taking a liking to achievements on 360, and partly due to being completely fed up with Windows, DirectX, and Microsoft’s stupid shit. When Halo 2 was released, it was one of the first games to pull that “Vista Only” shit. The hacking scene told MS to fuck off and made Halo 2 run on Windows XP anyway.

Alas, PC gaming still sucks. Once again, they’re trying to tell us we need the newest Windows version to game. Someone proved that was bullshit last time when I was able to play Halo 2 on XP, so how long until someone says enough is enough and starts doing loaders/wrappers for every DirectX 12 game? If a random hacker could do it for Halo 2, how goddamn hard can it be for devs to properly support everything in the first place? I remember games that used to have the option of OpenGL and DirectX. Why not keep doing that and maximize sales by making games run on as many OSes as possible? OpenGL runs on any version of Windows, Linux, etc.

Fuck DirectX! I never had to look for an OpenGL DLL from June 2012 to get a fucking game to run! I’d swear every time I installed something I’d get some bullshit about the game or program needing a specific DirectX DLL from a specific month of the fucking year to function. Just having DirectX 8, 9, etc was never good enough. No, you need that DirectX DLL version from march 2011 for this program to function. Got that? Ok, now you need some bullshit Visual Studio runtime library that’s probably 4 years old and definitely should’ve been included in Windows in the first fucking place. What’s wrong with OpenGL? Oh, that’s right. Microsoft didn’t make it. Everyone has to use Microsoft’s bullshit. Here’s hoping Valve is on the road to ending that circle of terror. They’re the only big dev that seems to care about properly running games on every OS. Hell, we should be able to find grounds to sue MS over this shit. They’re trying to restrict gamers to using Win10 to game because of DirectX 12. The lack of support for these games to run on anything but Win10 is some kind of monopoly type issue, far as I’m concerned.

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