Fuck Your Vote

Goddamn I’m tired of this nomination and election bullshit. Fuck em all. The real problem is neither side fully respects the constitution. All they want to do is limit it and work around it to suit their own agenda. The republicans are religious nutfuck wackos that want to ram their beliefs down everyone’s throats, protecting religious privilege, trying to do everything possible to block women’s access to abortions and their right to do what they want with their own bodies. All the democrats want to do is scream about guns and refuse to believe any amount of laws is enough. They want to wipe their asses with the 2nd amendment. For this reason, I hope Trump wins. Either way, I think we’re screwed because politicians from top to bottom won’t stop squabbling over things that they shouldn’t have any control over in the first place, writing laws that are outright unconstitutional and take years to even be properly challenged at the supreme court, and pushing their own beliefs and agendas over freedom, logic, and reason. How bout, you know, balancing the budget, infrastructure, etc instead of running the country into the ground while you disrespect the constitution all day long?

Then all these idiots come out of the woodwork every 4 years rallying and voting on who gets to run in the first place. The 2 party system is what’s completely fucking us over. Nobody else can get a fair chance. The same assholes campaigning for these fools are the dumb motherfuckers who run out and vote straight down party lines every couple years, which puts the same bastards in congress etc every goddamn election. Then people wonder why nothing changes. Maybe because the whole country is run by a bunch of miserable old grey haired bastards on their 12th terms who couldn’t agree on the color of shit, only care about their religious or anti-gun agendas, and could give a fuck less about the constitution, freedom, or the little people doing all the fucking work in this country.

Why do people have to pick and choose who gets to run and vote twice? Why can’t more candidates run? Why can’t the fucking parties even agree on who should run without essentially holding a pretend election before the fucking real one!? Why are people stupid enough to think their vote means jack shit in the primaries anyway? The fucking delegates/superdelegates do whatever the fuck they want in the end anyway. It’s not decided by your votes, it’s decided by theirs, which is fuckin stupid. Hell, Trump’s own party hates him. If that’s not a good reason to vote for him, I don’t know what is. The whole thing is fucking sideways anyway. The true patriots never get to run. It’s only the corporate dog and pony show. The media denies exposure to better candidates that aren’t far enough right or left, libertarian, etc.


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