Fuck the Internet – TrueAssholes Edition

The following is based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the assholes…or to avoid possible liability issues which is fucking stupid. Cue the Law and Order TV theme I was too lazy to embed.

I was a member of a site that tracks gaming stats. They even have an Xbox One app. However, the site is run by a bunch of unprofessional pricks that refuse to admit when they’re wrong, let their buddies do whatever they want, and block you from tracking for no reason whatsoever. Yes, it’s an Xbox app, and they can block you from using it for no fucking reason that has anything to do with your actual stats or tracking them. Arguably, they fit in perfectly with Microsoft’s current enforcement assholes who can ban you from accessing XBL entirely, including digital content you fucking paid for, just because people don’t approve of your gamertag, bio, or the way you communicate.

Looking for specifics? Aye! Story time, mates! Let’s call the site TrueAssholes. The owner actually had the ego to call himself TrueAsshole. I used to get warned and banned from the forums, sometimes without any notification whatsoever indicating why or for how long. Most times, I heard some shit about how they want it PG-13 posting. First off, there aren’t any 13 year olds on there with half a million fucking gamerscore unless they modded the shit. Second, the site owner’s drinking buddy, SpitCup, gets to use FUCK 5 times in one post and that’s bloody marvelous. He acts like just as much of an asshole as I do, but he’s immune to rules. I’ve heard stories that when he first became staff he deleted like 50 users that annoyed him, but he’s still staff.

Other people get away with shit too. The hammer only comes down on the people the staff doesn’t like or consider insignificant. One guy was posting nasty shit about my friend’s wife, but he’s still allowed on the fucking site. Not only that, but a staffer named DroopyCockNinja essentially threatened my friend with site removal over the incident, which he wasn’t even a fucking part of. Oh. did he have to moderate his friend because he was out of line? Poor baby.

Another thing I noticed is that anytime someone starts a thread about getting a group together for this game or that game, it’s immediately shutdown directing people to use the site’s built-in session features, usually by SpitCup, but I found one asshole who’s above that treatment as well. NecrophiliacApe has been allowed to keep a complete bullshit thread running for like a year now for “helping” people complete Halo MCC on LASO. The jackass has a complete bullshit list of hoops to jump through if you even want an invite from him, and people have to post some nonsensical shit to prove they read his fucking terms of service. This could easily be done through the site’s session feature using the option to allow users to apply for the session and asking them to type stupid shit in the form. However, any suggestion of doing this is met with your post being deleted.

Another prime example of the staff being pricks is the competition they hold all year. It’s technically only hosted by them, but everything about it is handled by the site. A friend was telling me that he came in 2nd one year because he was unable to login to the site to request an update of his stats, and the staff flat out refused to force a scan on him when his teammates asked. This is something we all know the staff can do. I don’t know who won that year, but I bet they’re friends with the staff. Funny how any suggestion of automatically forcing a scan on everyone in the competition when each period ends, even if only the final few months when it’s like 50 teams, is met with nothing but lame excuses. They talk big about keeping things fair, but a little thing that would definitely make things more fair is too much work.

The past week or so has been particularly entertaining. You may have seen one of the highlights in a prior blog post. First, I was banned from the forums yet again. This time it was because of an over-sensitive staffer I hadn’t dealt with before, but he instantly proved he was an asshole. The main post that did the job was something like “I express myself in my own way. Not my fault if people are too stupid or too fucking sensitive to see my point.” btw, using one instance of the word FUCK is actually allowed in a PG-13 movie, so by their terms, I should’ve been fine using it once per post. Technically I didn’t attack or flame anyone directly in that post either nor the comment I made on a boosting session around the same time. I told the idiot who created the session that he flooded my email with sessions that should’ve been marked private if they’re only for his friends, and the game servers weren’t working anyway. I said “Nice fucking job.” I didn’t call him an asshole. At least, I don’t think I did. That was like 2 weeks ago. So I was removed from the forums. Fine. Way to prove my original point that people are too fucking sensitive.

It didn’t end there though. This staff, BitchPotty crossed a line. He removed my status claiming it was a “callout.” Yet, I wasn’t calling out anyone, and it wasn’t about a registered member of the site. I said if anyone runs into this guy on Xbox, “don’t help the bastard.” Yet, the 2nd staffer I contacted tried to come up with a lame excuse to back up his buddy. He claimed they have to remove anything “potentially liable.” I didn’t call his mother fat or accuse him of fucking farm animals. I said don’t fucking help him! Is saying not to vote for Trump (with no reason attached) a fucking “callout” too? BULLSHIT. The call out rule wording is literally specific about applying to site users: “Please notify a Moderator if you notice another _USER’s_ behaviour is in violation of site rules, rather than confronting them.”

Obviously, this pisses me off, and I blogged about it. Then I set my status to say “Someone should inform the genius running the competition that he would have a lot less stupid questions to deal with and teams to keep posting stats, bonuses etc, for manually every week if he’d actually make the competition you know COMPETITIVE instead of trying to include all the casuals.” Again, not really a callout. I merely suggested someone forward my opinion to the asshole, since I can’t post and he ignores anything I say anyway because it offends his delicate sense of etiquette. Every time anyone suggests any changes to the competition, the fucking asshole moans about how much work it is to deal with all the idiots asking questions about things, getting everyone’s stats posted, bonuses verified, etc. Well, if he didn’t try to include all the useless fucks who barely score, he’d have a lot less n00bs to deal with, wouldn’t he?

Now, the staff could’ve admitted they were wrong, muted me to keep me from saying anything else on site, or just left me the fuck alone. They chose option D, being dickheads and completely removing my fucking account. I got no email from the chickenshit who did it even trying to justify it. Nothing. This, from a site that has a legitimate app on Xbox One, which they just blocked my access to by removing me from the site. Real fucking professional.

Took about 6 months to get an answer, and they didn’t even explain the logic in turning down my offer of PAYING $60/year (Pro Membership) to scan me while completely muted on the site.

Hello NoLifeDGenerate,

This will be the last correspondence from us that you will get.

Your removal from the community has nothing to do with how 
legitimate your account is or is not. We allow users who have 
had their scanning ability removed to still remain on the 
website. Using that as some sort of reason to allow you to stay 
is not valid. 

Your removal was due to the culmination of all your actions. It 
was not one singular event that lead to to your removal, but 
your behavior for the past several years. 

* You were told on 20 Apr 2014 that your blogs were being 
hidden from the front page due to excessive profanities 
(especially in the titles). You ignored the PM.
* You were told on 27 Apr 2014 that your posting on the forums 
needed to be toned down and you had a habit of excessively 
posting profanities. You decided instead of responding to the 
PM, to post a blog entry titled "Censorship". Which you opened 
up with, "It seems that being a wimpy bible thumping asshole is 
becoming an epidemic in this world". 
* You were told on 24 Jun 2014 by a moderator in the forums to 
stop cussing. You felt the need to respond by telling him, 
"Quit acting like these words are new to anyone". 
* On 28 Jun 2014, during a TrueAchievement Community Event, you 
felt the need to state that, "am I the only one who feels this 
kind of shit has no place on a site for gaming geeks? Makes me 
want to put my foot to someone's balls for posting it". Granted 
everyone is allowed their opinion, and to voice it, but this 
just goes towards evidence that you have no respect for the 
* On 4 Aug 2014, instead of suggesting a news story, you felt 
the need to start a new thread ranting about how one story 
appears on the site but not another one. We only highlight this 
because of how combative and profane you made your viewpoint 
and in a single post with no one else responding. 
* On 11 Sept 2014, after railing against a day one patch for 
Destiny, another user took the opposing view point that these 
patches were a good thing. You opened up a rebuttal with "go 
suck Bungie's cock privately". 
* On 04 Apr 2015, instead of trying to be productive and help 
find a solution to a site wishlist request (Please don't sort 
game titles by 'The'). You got combative with another user 
about the topic and decided to bring this topic up in nearly 
every site wishlist thread at the time.
* On 05 Apr 2015, in an unrelated site wishlist thread, you 
brought up this same topic about searching and sorting. In this 
thread, you decided that it would be a smart move to say that 
the site's owner is lazy for not implementing this change you 
demand. Your actions resulted in the first loss of posting 
* You even noted that the reason you couldn't post anymore, in 
one of your status updates, was because you insulted Rich. You 
never inquired with a moderator about why you lost the 
privilege and instead decided to rant about it via blog posts 
and status updates.
* On 01 Jun 2015, nearly a month later, you finally sent a 
moderator a message asking why you could not post anymore. We 
decided a month was long enough and proper time for you to cool 
down. We outlined in the reinstatement PM that you needed to 
tone down the excessive profanities and to quit instigating 
other users. It was also fairly blunt in telling you this was a 
final warning.
* Initially, your behavior was vastly improved, but on 26 Oct 
2015 you had regressed to your old habits and we had to send 
you another warning PM about your behavior. You ignored the PM 
and decided to post a blog, that we later had to remove, that 
railed against the community (at one point we counted 27 uses 
of just the word 'fuck') and removed your posting privileges.
* On 12 Nov 2015 we were a bit lenient and restored your 
posting privileges but again made it clear that any future 
misbehaving would result in the permanent loss of site 
* On 17 Jan 2016, you decided you had enough with being 
notified about sessions that someone had used a spot to reserve 
for someone else. You felt the need to post a site wishlist 
item for it (creating private sessions) because you thought 
anyone doing that was clearly boosting their feedback score. 
Additionally, you went in to different boosting threads and 
insulted the session hosts. Neither action was productive. You 
again felt the need to bring up this "idea" in every site 
wishlist thread that could even be remotely related.
* On 11 Feb 2016, you were warned about your behavior in the 
forums and we had to remove a recent status due to call outs. 
You felt the need to get combative in the PMs with the 
moderator and even posted another status about it and told the 
moderators to leave it alone. Rich even clarified to the 
moderation team that the 'no callout' rule applies to everyone 
on Xbox Live, regardless if they are a registered user or not. 
* While still forum banned, on 12 Feb 2016, you decided to 
start responding to forum posts through your own blog. 
Effectively circumventing your current site restrictions. 
* After inquiring with Clever Jake, on 15 Feb 2016, you were 
sent a clarification on why your status was unacceptable and 
still violated the 'no callout' rule. Clever Jake also pointed 
out that your forum ban was permanent and that the next step 
for any infractions was a permaban. Your response was to post 
another blog entry about TrueAssholes.
* On 21 Feb 2016, you registered TrueAssholes.com and made it a 
redirection URL to TrueAchievements.com (at the time of this 
e-mail it now redirects back to your private website 
http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/). Additionally, you 
made a status message about your actions and bragged out it. 

The reason we outline your history to you is to make it crystal 
clear that your removal from TrueAchievements is due to your 
entire history of misbehaving. We do not have the time to go 
through your posting history and tally up every post that we 
had to remove or edit due to excessive profanities. We have 
given you numerous opportunities to correct yourself and remain 
a part of the community. 

Your failure to adhere to all the rules of the community and 
the fact you were rarely ever productive for the community 
resulted in your permanent ban. Your final action that lead to 
that ban was a status you posted, but it was not the call out. 
It was buying a domain (TrueAssholes.com) and redirecting it 

The fact that you even listed your e-mail address as 
webmaster@trueassholes.com demonstrates your inability to act 
like an adult. You have no remorse about the way you behave, 
and frankly we do not want you a part of this community. 

I hope this clarifies the situation for you.

DroopyCock Ninja
TA Moderator
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