Fuck the Election

Am I the only one tired of this bullshit? These assholes spend millions of fuckin dollars trying to get people to vote for them, and nothing ever changes anyway. You’re choosing between 2 piles of shit. Actually, it’s currently about 6 piles of shit because we’re still doing “primaries.” This is another completely idiotic thing. You need to go vote for the person you want before you can vote for them. HUH? Voting for the asshole once isn’t enough? Apparently, not. Why don’t they all just run and be done with it? Nope, we have to narrow it down to 2 of these idiots. Then, in order to vote, you have to be “registered.” A drivers license or SS card should be all the fucking registration you need. Fuck registering for something most people only bother to do every 4 years anyway. What kind of asshole came up with that shit?

Then you essentially have to choose a side. Nobody looks at the candidates for what they are. It’s either Republican or Democrat. Where’s the “I think Washington is drowning in a sea of it’s own bullshit” option? Fuck both parties. The Democrats refuse to leave the 2nd amendment the fuck alone. They’ll forever fuck over gun owners. The Republicans are so preachy and faith driven they should be running for pope, not president. Stop trying to ram your fucking beliefs down everyone’s throats, and respect the separation of church and state. That means your fucking 10 commandments and other religious shit doesn’t belong on government property, in government institutions, etc. and laws should be based on logic and fucking reason, not your anti-freedom, anti-abortion, anti-homo agenda. That also means no fucking exemptions for bullshit beliefs. The law should apply to everyone or nobody at all. No excuses. No exemptions. Fuck your religion.

Why the fuck are liquor store owners still not allowed to CHOOSE to be open on Sunday morning or open a store/bar within a certain distance a church? Fucking bible thumpers. Why is prostitution illegal? Bible thumpers. Like George Carlin always said, “Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal?” It really is that simple. A woman should have a right to do what she wants with her own body, including selling fucking access.

How do so many unreasonable, illogical, and unconstitutional laws get passed? Because nobody is impartial or logical about it, and they don’t have to go through any scrutiny. They just get all their cronies to vote their shit in no matter how ridiculous it is. Then people have to fight it to the supreme court to get rid of it. Now there’s an open seat on there and everyone is fighting over who’s going to get it. It’s not about the person, it’s about what party the represent. Will they fuck over gun owners or atheists? Religious privilege in this country needs to fucking stop, and the 2nd amendment needs to stop being restricted and shit on.

Clint Eastwood should’ve run instead of just writing bullshit war movies the past 10 years. Can you imagine Dirty Harry as president? Hell yeah. Of course, then everyone acts like it’s so important who’s in the oval office. That idiot in that office can only do so much while the same fucking assholes sit in congress, senate, etc term after term because stupid motherfuckers keep voting them back in.

So go vote. Go to the stupid rallies. I’ll sit here and play Xbox, and you all can vote in the next group of assholes.

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