Fuck Your Kids

I’m sick and tired of these uptight motherfuckers who act like the internet should be censored for the sake of their kids. Fuck you, and fuck your fucking kids. The internet is a free zone. No FCC. Don’t like it? Keep your inbred spawn offline until they’re older. You do NOT have a right to expect Facebook, social media sites or fucking anything online to keep to a G/PG rating. Go fuck yourself. Free speech is free speech, weather you agree with which goddamn words people use to express themselves or not. If you think the worst thing your kids can see on social media sites is a few four letter words, you’re fucking delusional. This is what’s ruining America. People who refuse to accept the 21st century and still want to restrict others to stay within their narrow-minded beliefs of how people should talk, what should or shouldn’t be open on Sundays, etc etc.

Just because something offends you, doesn’t mean anyone else should give a flying fuck. I’m extremely offended by preachy people who won’t stop talking about bible bullshit, but I can’t bitch slap them or demand their Facebook comments be removed. I’m also offended by others being offended by pretty much anything, especially the confederate fucking flag. I’m even more offended by the pussies who keep removing the stars and bars from everything. Caving in to these over-sensitive assholes is bullshit and downright un-American. What happened to freedom?

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