Fuck the Oscars

Oh, tonight is the Oscars. Who gives a flying fuck? Does anyone EVER get nominated from the big box office movies 99% of the country goes to the theaters for? No. It’s always bullshit movies you never fucking heard of, would never spend $10 to go see, and probably didn’t even get shown in half the theaters because nobody gives a fuck about them. This year a lot of people are bitching there aren’t any black actors nominated. Why doesn’t anyone bitch there aren’t any good movies involved in the nominations? It’s a total shit show. The black actors should be happy they’re not associated with that kind of shit. Star Wars broke some records last year. Did anyone from that get nominated? I fucking doubt it. Oh, the asshole that composed music for every Star Wars. Big deal. Hunger Games? Nope. Furious 7? I don’t see Vinny getting nominated for any of the cool shit he does. Bryan Cranston is apparently nominated for some random shit. Give him an Oscar for Breaking Bad, motherfuckers. Fuck the Oscars. Why does anyone care?
Update: Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. They gave him an award for some bullshit movie most people won’t even bother to see…as opposed to Titanic or Catch Me If you Can, which were actually good. Like I said, fuck the Oscars.


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