Fuck Shipping Carriers

Yeah, this is what I’m pissed about lately. First, I’m an hour from a Gamefly warehouse. Can someone explain to me how the fuck I mailed 2 games on the 9th of this month and they didn’t receive them until 10 fucking days later!?!? It’s normally an overnight thing. Almost everything I’ve returned to Gamefly has been there the next morning. Yet, everything they mail to me takes 2 days. The fucking USPS sort facility is right there in Pittsburgh! They mail shit, it goes right to the sorting facility and on to my fucking post office to get delivered. How the fuck does that take 2 days, but me mailing to them is 1 day? Then that specific warehouse sent me a game case for one I bought last week, and that took 7 days. I didn’t need the case that bad, but I needed the fucking online code inside it. I’m also waiting for the last game they sent out, which will be 3 days tomorrow. Once again, how the fuck does it take 3 days to come an hour from where it started? The shipping email tells you which warehouse it came from if it’s being mailed from somewhere besides your default location, so I know it’s coming from Pittsburgh. Then the assholes made me wait an entire week to have my next game shipped. I’m an hour away. I shipped the fucking thing. It’s not my fault USPS is fucking useless. Get my next batch of shit shipped.

These postal and parcel bastards need to start working Sundays/weekends too. The Sunday church day bullshit mentality needs to stop already. It’s the 21st century, assholes. Amazon is talking about using drones to deliver mail, and you fuckers still won’t deliver on Sundays!?!?

Bullshit like Media Mail should also be a thing of the past by now. NOTHING should take more than a week to ship anywhere in the US. However, instead of speeding things up, everyone is finding new ways to fuck over the people receiving packages. Most online retailers are sticking everyone with this SmartPost and SurePost bullshit now. For those in other countries, or just living under a fucking rock, this means UPS/FedEx ships the package to your local post office for the post office to then deliver as regular mail. The problem is these fuckers ALWAYS take an extra day for no reason. I’ve watched tracking on more packages than I care to remember. When UPS gets a package to the regional hub here, it ends up at the local hub, on a truck and “out for delivery” by 7am the next morning. UPS’s SurePost bullshit runs my packages through the same regional hub and local hub, but they’re somehow incapable of getting the shit to the post office TWO FUCKING MILES AWAY before the mail carriers leave for their fucking route. I’m fairly sure my mail carrier doesn’t even leave the post office until after 8am or even 9 most days. UPS can have their shit sorted and on a truck before 7am, but they can’t get the shit 2 miles down the road by 8? It takes them until fucking 1pm!? For fuck sake.

Ebay and Amazon marketplace sellers need to get with the fuckin program too. I’d say at least half of them are offering First Class as their default shipping now. Anyone who still ships to me with Media Mail gets a negative at this point. Fuck em. Same goes for anyone who prints a shipping label and emails it to me, but waits 4 fucking days to actually drop the package in the mail. Fuck you too. Complete the fucking job in a timely manner.

International shipping pisses me off too, especially international Amazon sites’ shipping. Will Amazon ever offer proper shipping options that are worth a shit? If I order a few games from PlayAsia, I pay $15 shipping, and I have them in 3-5 days from FedEx. My first order with Solaris for 5 games at $20 shipping arrived OVERNIGHT. Over fucking night from Japan. DHL literally flew the shit straight to Ohio and delivered it. The tracking was fun to watch there. Left Japan at 4pm today. Arrived in Ohio at 11am today. HUH? Yeah, time zones are fun sometimes. Now what I want to know is why the fuck I can’t get that kind of service form Europe, or even from Canada for anywhere near the same prices. I’m not even sure I can overnight some stuff within the US for under $20. Ordering a few movies from Canadian Amazon used to cost me like $15 shipping and actually took LONGER to arrive than an order placed at Amazon UK the same fucking day, and I’m like 6 hours from the Canadian border. Figure that shit out. Amazon UK/DE always want $30+ for faster shipping too. I think I paid $30 for the 2nd fastest shipping option (5-10 days?) on Amazon.de last time, and it still took 3 fucking weeks. Then the fuckers refused to refund it. There’s nobody else to order from that stocks all the same titles either.

That brings me to my other problem with international Amazon sites. The fucking bastards refuse to ship games to the US. They’ll ship movies, which are also region locked, but not games. Are you fucking kidding me? Other sites in the same countries ship fucking games, but they obviously don’t have the same selection Amazon does.

p.s. Fuck Chick-Fil-A. Those assholes aren’t open on Sunday either. I tried it once randomly before I knew what kind of assholes run that outfit. It wasn’t half bad, but I’ll never go back until they start operating like a normal 21st century business.

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