Fuck Your Religion – Part 2

Yet another case of bakers refusing to cater to gays has surfaced because some uptight asshole refused to write something gay on a cake. This is the whole problem with religion. People refuse to keep their beliefs and prayers to themselves, do their fucking jobs, and leave people alone. ITS A FUCKING CAKE! If I want a cake with “Fuck your deity” written on it, you should fucking bake it.

You have the right to believe in whatever sky fairy you want, but you should leave it the fuck in church. Business is business. If you’re going to run a business or work a job, you do the fucking job. You can’t be a stock clerk at Walmart then refuse to stock the condom rack because you don’t believe in birth control. All this old world super religious thinking needs to stop. All it’s ever done is hinder progress, cause wars, cause discrimination, and write stupid laws that have no business existing.

Oh, but it’s the christians being persecuted…because they refuse to render a simple fucking service and write on a cake without checking with their imaginary friend and their fucking bible first!!

What? They should go some place else? They’re not entitled to the same service as anyone else who walks in? It’s “private property?” It’s NOT your fucking house. It might be privately owned, but it’s a public place. The owner is regulated and/or licensed to conduct BUSINESS, probably in a commercial zone. Liquor stores and bars don’t even have the right to determine their own Sunday hours in most states, but THIS is where you draw the fucking line!? If it’s private property, how the hell can a cop write you a ticket for parking in handicap spaces without a permit or rolling through one of the 20 fucking stop signs at Home Depot? If the owner has the right to do whatever they want, why can’t all these places fire the union assholes when they go on strike because they want more money? Seems like a simple problem to fix. The employer sets the terms, not the employee. If you don’t like the job or the pay, fuck off and go work somewhere else. Why do these fucking unions get to hold business owners hostage by stopping them from operating? Why don’t more business owners have the balls to fight the shit instead of caving in?

If you’re going to run a PUBLIC establishment you have no right to pick and choose your fucking customers. You can barely pick and choose your fucking employees with affirmative action. Unless someone is causing enough of a disturbance to be removed or trying to rob you, you should fucking serve them. It’s that simple.

What about the religious freaks who keep suing companies after THEY took the job and refused to do it because of their religion? It’s ridiculous people think their religious shit should allow them to ignore company policy and do whatever the fuck they want or refuse to do parts of the job they were hired to do because of their sensitive beliefs. Those kind of people need to stay in their churches, cults, closed communities, and fucking caves or stop being fuckin pussies and live like normal people.


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