Fuck People

I really get tired of dealing with idiots. I’m banned from posting on TrueAchievements again for calling out a fucking retard. I swear that TA app is just breeding the stupidity. Then again, people nowadays are just stupid in general.

I was looking for sessions to get those 2 bullshit campaign achievements on Halo MCC that require 4 people. You can’t add that game to your boost list without getting spammed by a bunch of bullshit sessions though. There’s some idiot posting sessions that aren’t even sessions just for people to remind themselves about the date based achievements. Fuck off. You’re wasting my fucking time clicking on that shit and flooding anyone who’s getting email notified of new sessions. Then you have these idiots making sessions for Spartan Ops. There’s an achievement to do it SOLO on Legendary, assholes. It’s not like it’s difficult at all. There’s no checkpoint resets. There’s only 1 chapter you can actually fail! I could see if you were making sessions to do that keeping marines alive bullshit for both spartan ops and campaign, but to do all that Spartan Ops shit co-op when you need to do it solo anyway is stupid. Today, some asshole posted a session for Annual combined with 20 multiplayer achievements! WTF is wrong with these idiots!?

Then some retard puts up a bullshit session that showed up when looking at the Deja Vu achievement and it pissed me off. This is the one that got me banned. The assclown is doing 4 player sessions to get par times on fucking easy! That’s right, run to the forum nannies and get me banned. If you can’t speedrun a mission on easy, you don’t deserve the fucking achievement. Get a different game that’s more your speed. I hear there’s a new Barbie game releasing.
Of course, I’m always the asshole. It doesn’t matter what I post, where I post it, or how logical my suggestion/complaint/whatever is. I posted on Sony’s forum because my PS4 won’t stop nagging me to allow blu-ray movies to connect to the internet. There’s an option in video playback settings for “Allow Internet Connection.” I have that disabled. Any reasonable person would expect that to mean, blu-rays won’t ever connect to the internet, NOT that it will ask me every fucking time I insert a disc!!! Yet, people line up to make me the asshole for complaining about it.

Same back on TA. I suggested achievement flags for things that can be idled or completed with a turbo controller. “oh you have to read the solution anyway.” By that logic, we don’t need to flag anything because you need to read the fucking solution anyway! Hell, we need a special flag now for those bullshit website/publisher club required achievements. Fucking garbage just keeps multiplying. Every fucking time I put a game in I have EA, Ubisoft, or some fucking assholes bugging me for my email address. FUCK OFF! I’m on Xbox. My gamertag is the only registration I should fucking need.

Shortly after writing this on TA, it disappeared along with my ability to write anything on the site: my status, blog, comments on friend feed/solutions, can’t even edit my bio. I didn’t get a PM from whoever I pissed off this time, but I apparently did a pretty good job of it.

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