Fuck Political Correctness

Fuck Walmart, Amazon, eBay, South Carolina, and anyone else who gave in to this anti-freedom hate campaign against the Confederate flag. I don’t care what color you are, if your great great granddaddy fought for the north or south, or what goddamn religion you follow. Stop being stupid, backward, uptight motherfuckers!

NEWS FLASH: Freedom of Religion does NOT give you the right to ram your beliefs, values, and morals down everyone else’s throats! If people want to own guns, play violent video games, watch porn, wave Confederate flags, draw cartoons of your deity, set off fireworks until their yard looks like an army artillery practice range, have sex out of wedlock, have abortions, marry the same sex, fuck farm animals, or sell their ass on the street corner it should be their fucking right!

Why the fuck does everyone think they have a right to censor every fucking thing that bothers them? The bible bothers the fuck out of me, but I can’t censor that. I talk like I’m in an 80s action movie cause I like the way the words sound. I don’t give a fuck if anyone’s offended by it. They have no right to tell me which words are fucking acceptable in conversation. I like “shit.” I think people who use “poop” and crap” sound like pussies, but that’s their choice. People can’t handle the stars and bars or “dirty” words like shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. Yet, seeing some dude nailed to a cross all the time is somehow acceptable and healthy. Plus, those same people believe some magical being created everyone and everything, sits in the clouds with nothing better to do than listen to their fucking prayers, and he has some kind of divine plan that makes prayers ultimately pointless anyway. Now which crowd sounds fuckin crazy?

The Amish don’t believe in electricity or indoor plumbing. How would you like it if they were in charge? The current state of affairs is no different. Look at ancient times compared to now. Amish disown their own children if they don’t go along with their ridiculous religion and culture. Bible thumpers disown their children if they’re gay. They used to accuse anyone who didn’t show up for church on Sunday of witchcraft and burn them at the stake. Look at the crusades. Look at all the ridiculous tribal shit that some cultures believe. Look at all the crazy shit the Muslims claim when they attack us. Look at this world we live in! How can you still believe that your little bible story is the real one that’s so fucking great and everything in that book is so true and accurate!? It’s a form of control. Plain and simple. Jesse Ventura said it best. “religion is a crutch for the weak-minded.”

Let me spell it out. You have NO right to NOT be offended by things. All Americans have a right to free speech. That means we can say what we want, when we want, and not give a flying fuck if anyone else likes it or not. However, these shit beetles somehow think freedom of religion allows them to ban anything that goes against their fucking religion, no matter how illogical or unconstitutional the ban is. I bet there’s a constitutional argument to be made for a lot of things are are currently illegal on both state and federal levels, but people just don’t have the resources or balls to fight the laws themselves. It’s too hard to get laws repealed. I think there are still laws on the books for hanging horse thieves in California. Did you know whaling is illegal in Utah? Think about that for a minute. Whaling…in Utah. See a lot of whales in the fucking desert, do you? If you smoke enough peyote, you probably see lots of things, but that’s beside the point here. It’s 2015. Why is there still no mail/parcel delivery on Sunday? Fucking churches. Would there not be more jobs for weekend staff if everyone delivered on the fucking weekend!? People are stuck in this 19th century mentality that everything should shutdown on Sunday so you can go to church. Well, that’s not how it is anymore.

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