Fuck Your Religion

Fuck Patrick Stewart too, for that matter. This article is what has me riled today. Look at this bullshit. More religious assholes thinking they can do whatever the hell they want because of their beliefs. You have a right to believe whatever the hell you want. You should NOT be able to discriminate against customers who don’t share that belief. We’ve gone from simple business restrictions like “no shirt, no shoes, no service” to “we’ll pick and choose who we serve and how we serve you based what you want and how it fits with our beliefs.” NO. Fuck off. Sue these pricks into chapter 11. You’re not running a church, assholes. You’re running a fucking business. That means you serve everyone who places a fucking order that you can fulfill. Isn’t part of obtaining a business license that you agree to equally serve the public? It’s just like these fucking businesses who discriminate against gun owners. Somebody should sue them too. If it’s legal for me to carry a gun everywhere else in town, it’s legal to carry in your store. Fuck how you feel about guns. It’s a public place, not your fucking house. If you refuse to hire someone because of their religion/ethnicity/ etc you get your ass sued off. Refusing to serve someone because they order something that they believe in and you don’t, or they hold different religious/political views is somehow fine though? If the somebody ran a bakery and refused to write “god” on a cake, the churches would come down on them so fast it’d make your fuckin head spin.

What? “Business owners have rights too?” Like what? The ones with unions sure as shit have no rights. They don’t even get to decide who they fire or even how much they’re going to pay. If you want to work at Walmart, you accept what they’re paying so long it’s at least minimum wage or fuck off. You don’t get to go on strike cause you want more money. Yet, unions do exactly that. They get to hold business owners over a fuckin barrel. There’s always somebody else willing to take the job if you don’t want it. Fuck your union. Those things should be a thing of the past now that labor and safety laws, minimum wage, etc exist. Why don’t you have a choice whether to join the union or not if you’re going to work some place that has one? Somebody should really start a lawsuit over that shit someday.

Look at that Hobby Lobby bullshit though. WTF happened to separation of church and state? The supreme court basically made the religious assholes above the law. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. It’s always been headed that way though. Churches are tax exempt. People like the Amish get away with doing all kinds of shit without getting permits, etc. If I walked a dog and let it shit all over the place I’d be getting cited, but the Amish let their horses shit all up and down the road. They ignore leash laws for their dogs. They don’t have to get licensing, inspection, plates, or anything for their buggies. We have to put plates on four wheelers, and those aren’t even allowed on the fucking road!

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1 Response to Fuck Your Religion

  1. April Kurtz says:

    I don’t agree with everything you say, but I like the way you say it. Cheers!

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