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Fuck Political Correctness

Fuck Walmart, Amazon, eBay, South Carolina, and anyone else who gave in to this anti-freedom hate campaign against the Confederate flag. I don’t care what color you are, if your great great granddaddy fought for the north or south, or … Continue reading

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Fuck Unions

Unions are bullshit archaic organizations invented because of poor safety standards and working conditions in the past. The only purpose they serve now is to protect assholes who don’t deserve their jobs and hold employers over a barrel for more … Continue reading

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Fuck Credit Card Companies

Credit card companies really piss me off. Why the hell is the billing cycle always completely random!? I’ve seen 30 day billing cycles, 31, 28, even a 34 day. Yet, every fucking statement says they expect to be paid by … Continue reading

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Fuck Your Religion

Fuck Patrick Stewart too, for that matter. This article is what has me riled today. Look at this bullshit. More religious assholes thinking they can do whatever the hell they want because of their beliefs. You have a right to … Continue reading

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