Fuck Infrared Remotes

What is it with this ancient fucking technology that electronics companies are too stubborn or too cheap to kill!?!? This the the 21st century. I should NOT need bullshit fucking “line of sight” to operate my goddamn blu-ray player. They do apps, streaming, 3D, 4K/UHD, and connect to your fucking smart phone, but they won’t use a bluetooth or RF remote. WHY!?!?! Where’s the innovation!? Where’s the advancement? Where’s the progression of technology in this hardware? Everything is about to go HDMI 2.0 and all this happy shit, but it’s still made with garbage IR remotes. PS3 is the only device to have a bluetooth media remote at this point. We had a satellite dish when I was a kid, and the receiver had an RF remote that worked anywhere in the goddamn house. I didn’t even need to be in the same room to change the channel! 20 years later, where are we? Going fucking back asswards like most of the world. No forward thinking unless it’s to save a buck or worth advertising.

Same reason so many TVs still have such shit input lag compared to PC monitors. With all the technology currently available, there’s no excuse for a screen to be absolute shit for gaming even in “GAME MODE!” Now with 4K, it’ll go downhill again in terms of performance until that tech is in its prime. Then we’ll need something new and they’ll start fucking it up all over again instead of honing the tech until it’s perfect for everything. At least Plasma is finally dying. We didn’t need that shit cluttering up stores anymore. How many different types of TV tech do we really need? Hopefully this bullshit 3D fad is on its way out too.

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