Fuck Dating Sites

Do normal/boring women exist anymore? I’m so tired of these dating sites. Why does everyone need multiple degrees and a goddamn Masters nowadays? Can you really find nothing better to do than spend half your goddamn life in school!? All the women I see on these sites are over educated, over religious, vegetarian health nut, sports fanatics, and all the cute ones are from Pittsburgh! Fuck Pittsburgh! Fuck the sports teams, fuck the traffic, fuck the parking garages with low ceilings, and fuck that bitch from the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh who doesn’t even know how to say “Pittsburgh!”

I don’t get it. Well, I sort of get it, but it’s bullshit. When I was younger, I tried the college thing and worked a bit. At that age, money doesn’t matter much. I was quiet and shy and never got out much. I’m not outgoing. When people talk to me, I talk. Otherwise, I don’t really have shit to say. I went to a boring local college, worked a couple jobs, and got pissed off because I never met anyone. Anyone I did meet ended up a friend. Don’t get me wrong, I have some awesome friends. The point is I’m terrible at meeting women and always will be. At this age, now money is an issue. I mean, I always have some cash, but I don’t work. I don’t have some lame ass 9-5 career that pays big bucks. I have neck and back problems from a car accident a while back. Hell, I had my appendix out a few years back and they found a damn tumor in it. Which means, on top of my busy, exciting life, I also got to keep getting poked and scanned the past few years. Nothing’s really come of it, besides getting more used to blood work.

I never got my own place because I didn’t need one that bad. I couldn’t meet anyone, so I’d just be sitting there alone playing video games. I can do that sitting here on the farm, and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. The internet access sucks, and there’s no pizza delivery though. I also have to put up with two assholes, one of which insists on treating me like I’m 16 forever, but I digress. I’m a nice guy. I’m honest, kind, and caring. I’m generally polite, but I don’t censor myself. That should be pretty obvious. I’m not religious. I’m not registered to vote. I don’t watch sports. I like sports movies. I could watch those all day long. Fuck the real thing though. Did I mention I don’t censor myself? I don’t smoke. I don’t drink either, really. I guess I use enough 4 letter words to make up for not doing the other 2.

All I ever really wanted was a good woman–plus good internet and a good video game. I never dreamed of some bullshit special career. I look at the world a little differently. Maybe that makes me an asshole. Ok, I’m done venting for tonight. Back to Halo.

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