Fuck The Gaming Industry

Yes, we have 2 hot new toys being launched next month: Xbox One and Playstation 4. Am I the only one who fucking hated the PS3 controller? The only thing PS3 was good for was the God of War series, which they’ve thoroughly beaten to death now, and watching blu-rays. The PS3 was always pushed as a movie player as much as a game console, so I always found it odd that the Xbox 360 actually does a better job at DVD playback. When you stop/eject a disc from PS3, it forgets all about that disc. When you eject a DVD from the Xbox, it’ll remember exactly where you left off. It even seems to remember which menu option was highlighted last if the DVD was on the menus!

Microsoft tried to slap the gaming community with a bunch of online required, DRM infested shit. That didn’t go over well. The other thing that didn’t go over well was the Kinect being required at all times. That changed, but it’s still in the fucking box despite much protest from the real gamers that don’t give a flying fuck about motion controls. The camera tech and sensor shit we’re seeing now can never properly replace an old school light gun. Believe me, I’ve tried it. I want my NES Zapper back, or at least a fucking mouse that works properly on consoles.

As far as I’m concerned, neither next gen console warrants an immediate purchase. Why rush out and drop that much coin for a handful of exclusive games the first 6 months. All the biggest stuff is getting released on both new and old platforms because it was already in development for the current generation anyway. Hell, I think we got fucked out of having Destiny this year because of Bungie needing time to port it to the new consoles. Anyone remember the failure rate on the first batch of Xbox360s? Yeah, there’s another reason not to pre-order. How the fuck does MS expect to inspire confidence in their hardware when they can’t even build them without a goddamn power brick? When was the last time a Sony console used a power brick? My PS1 didn’t have one. Neither did any of my PS2s or my PS3. Why Microshaft? Why?

Why is everyone in such a frenzy to get the newest thing? It’s like those retards that camp out for the new iPhone when there isn’t a fuckin thing wrong with their old one. The current generation is HD. The next generation is HD. No huge leaps and bounds here, folks. This is the most lackluster console launch in history. I only hope that they can produce enough to go around and fuck over the people trying to gouge for them on ebay. Moreover, there’s no point in having a holiday launch, if you can’t fucking provide enough of the product to meet demand. This isn’t the yearly installment of Call of Duty or fucking sports shit, it’s a console they plan on selling for the next 5-10 years. Yet, instead of launching it properly, they’re scrambling to release it for the holiday season and releasing some of the games as incomplete discs requiring a download to play. Brilliant!! I actually got banned from CheapAssGamer for questioning the launch strategy in the goddamn XB1 pre-order thread.

The fuckin things aren’t even backwards compatible because MS is too concerned with pushing their bullshit motion control spycam agenda. Fuck them. I’ll pickup a backup Xbox360 for Xmas. The assholes better release a version of the XB1 controller for 360 though. The people that put up with the garbage sticks and dpad on the 360 controllers all these years fucking deserve it. I’m waiting for the XB1 bundles without Kinect to happen. We all know they will. Microsoft won’t launch them side by side because they fuckin know people won’t buy that camera unless they feel they have to.

What about the online aspect? Anything new there? Nope. Same assholes. No real blacklist option, just like 360. After 1000s of hours on Halo Reach, I can safely say with absolute certainty, the “avoid player” option on 360 NEVER fucking worked. Oh, but they’re hyping the “infinite power of the cloud” now. GTA Online proved that’s not so infinite. After 3 weeks, some people still can’t get their goddamn progress to save and still see cloud outages. Awesome!

But but but….”Killer Instinct!” Uh, every F2P game launched on consoles has been almost entirely unplayable the first couple weeks. Hell, some of the retail stuff doesn’t even work for shit online early on (GTA Online). Am I the only one tired of paying for a product from these companies to be a fuckin beta tester!? Games used to be solid and playable from the start because there were no patches to easily download on consoles. Now everyone feels they don’t need quality control. They’ll just fix it later, or they’ll take your money and move on. Well, fuck you. I’m not shelling out $60/game for buggy shit. I’ll wait for the game to drop to $20 and by then most of the shit will actually work. It’s a win-win. Please people. Vote with your wallets. Stop letting the game developers be lazy fucking assholes, and demand quality for your money.

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